Ashley Ross is a full time developer from the North of England.
Starting from a young age, Ashley's passion is in games development and design.

They own Adeliae Creative.

Here are a few of Ashley's thoughts.

Moving to vim

A quick post about something.

Decided to put more effort into learning console applications, being able to ssh into my server from anywhere and still be productive is pretty fantastic, and there’s a decent amount of stuff you can do at least as fast as a GUI app, if not faster.

Ended up using just the console + chrome at work for a few days, I’ve gone back to IntelliJ for now, but it did say something.

Also, I’m noticing how many apps use vim-style keybindings for movement, I love it! 

Project “Hipster”

On Tuesday (26/04/2016) I handed in my notice at my current job. I got an offer I couldn’t refuse from another company the week prior, and so I went for it.

I’ve been quite happy with my current job, I’ve been here just over a year. I’ve learned a lot, and it’s definitely helped me to grow as a person. I’m also excited to see how this new job will change me.

The new job is in a similar field, albeit more specialized, but the physical environment will be completely different. I’ll be working in a city, rather than a town, I’ll have a much longer commute, and there’ll be dozens of people at my new job, rather than the 4 I interact with here.

It’s a big change in my life, and as is always the case with big changes, I’m a little scared. To help mitigate that, I’ve started what I refer to as “Project hipster”, so called because how else do you blend into a city center?

I never really considered myself much of a hipster, but all the signs are there. I like a good IPA, Own an iPhone and apple watch, macbook and a Linux machine. I use vim as a text editor, and one of my favorite games right now is nethack. I have a canvas rucksack, and I enjoy working in obscure coffee shops (when I get the chance). I’m a total hipster and that’s fine.

Polytopian Post Mortem

I finished my Ludum Dare entry with only an hour to spare, you can play and rate “Polytopian” here:


Play and Rate


7 days with iOS

Today is Monday, which makes it 1 week since I got the iPhone 6S, and decided to try using iOS full-time. I haven’t used any android device in this time.

I have to say, just a week into the month I set aside for myself, I might do this full time. Click through for my reasons why, as well as my reasons why not:

An iOS experiment

  iPhone When I first started in the tech industry, I was extremely anti-apple. I had that typical brand loyalty that you still see in so many people today.

Around 4 years ago, I decided brand loyalty was a silly, limiting thing, and vowed that I’d always experiment and pull myself out of the comfort zone, so after 8 years of Android, I’m going to try out an iPhone 6S. Click on Read more for my first few days experience.